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Sovereign Pekingese Association (Founded 2018)


Club Show Results - 2018

Show: Sovereign Pekingese Association Championship Show
Judge: Dr Raymundo Lo
DCC Divahaven Royal Dream At Barpeke - Mr & Mrs Machin
RDCC Klerkshof Desert Star At Yakee - Mr`s Easdon & Martin
BCC Yakee Stood in Snow - Mr`s Easdon & Martin
RBCC Ch Jidoran Rula - Miss Morely & Mr Box
BOB/B.I.S Divahaven Royal Dream At Barpeke - Mr & Mrs Machin
BP Yakee Claim To Fame At Klerkshof - Mr & Mrs Klerks-Delucchi
BV Mezreb Phonix Of Merrimee - Mrs Tilsed






(Photo courtesy Paramet Kerdkaew)

The Inaugural Championship Show of the Sovereign Pekingese Association.

Allow me to express my deepest appreciation to the Association, Committee and members for this singular honor of judging the first championship of this club. I am very humbled by the privilege.
General Comments
I am very pleased to note that the breed as typified by the exhibits appear to be healthy and in good hands in its adoptive homeland. There were no entries that manifested respiratory distress, poor muscle tone and eye issues. Only a very few showed heavy over nose wrinkles or excessive coat.
As for my choices, I looked for the following features that define Pekingese type:
1. A proportionately large head wider than high, with open features to allow room for proper placement of eyes and nose, unexaggerated wrinkle, broad muzzle and firm underjaw not obscured by excessive cheek leather drooping over the chin.
2. A correct front assembly (elbows close to the chest with heavy boned forelegs) coupled with broad chest and well sprung ribs that produces the slow, dignified rolling gait that is unique to this breed and must be preserved.
3. A broad chest well sprung between the forelegs and narrower loin makes up a pear-shaped body and a low to the ground station.
It is absolutely essential that my choices reflect this conformation and movement.
Correct ear and high tail sets with the correct harsh texture top coat in the right places complete the overall picture of the ideal Pekingese.

Minor puppy dog (4,2)
1. Easton and Martin's Yakee The Aristocrat
Good size reddish fawn in adequate coat, broad chest, good bow of leg, level back and moved well. Good substance and overall construction. More width of muzzle would complete the picture.
2.  Benson's Chisprite In A Nutshell
Larger fawn simply outclassed by First Place winner.
Puppy Dog (3,3)
1. Klerks-Delucchi's Yakee Claim to Fame at Klerkshof
Well coated fawn with adult coat coming in of the right harsh texture. Beautifully open facial features, dark, round eyes and unexaggerated wrinkle. He has a compact pear shaped body,low to the ground and correct front assembly, well bowed front legs, level back, high tail set and firm lighter rear producing the desired slight roll over the shoulders. Picked up as one piece.
Best Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Show
2.  Morley and Box's Jidoran Professor Green
Larger red with big headpiece, firm underjaw and well built body  that could be lower stationed.
Junior Dog (2,1)
1. Easton and Martin's  Klerkshof Desert Star at Yakee
Well balanced fawn with open face, lustrous eyes and nice expression. He has a massive chest, elbows tight to shoulders and enough bow of leg to propel his rolling gait. Heavy substance and firm rear with high tail set complete the picture.
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate
Yearling Dog (3,2)
1. Klerks-Delucchi's Linpearl Orson Mr. Exclusive at Klerkshof
Well balanced red with desired rectangular head and open face, he carries a broad chest, has correctly bowed front legs, short loin and level back and high tail set. Moved with the smooth rolling gait. He was in strong contention for the top honors.
2.  Small's Zhong Noble Count at Swaggerboot
Good sized fawn with good upturn of underjaw and good width between the eyes. Higher-stationed than I prefer.
Postgraduate Dog (3,2)
1.  Machin's Divahaven Royal Dream at Barpeke
Aptly named heavy set dark fawn with a magnificent headpiece, luminous round eyes, broad firm underjaw, well cushioned cheeks without excessive leather,  broad chest and correctly built fore and aft. Coat of harsh coat texture in the right distribution forming a lion-like mane with heavy ear fringing accentuating a narrower waist and a high set tail with profuse feathering. He moved confidently with a dignified smooth roll demanding my complete attention.
Dog Challenge Certificate, Best in Show
2.  Petrulyte's Mezrab Va Va Voom
Light fawn too excited and panting. Could have tighter front assembly.
Limit Dog (5,4)
1.  Davenport's Greypoint Epic
Well balanced fawn with good head but could have a firmer underjaw. Pear shaped body, lifted heavy and moved beautifully. Was a strong contender for top honors.
2.  Patterson and Murray's Bratilda Starboy
Quality fawn with slightly longer body but moved well.
Open Dog (3,3)
1. Easton and Martin's  Yakee Lost Legend
Well balanced fawn with correct body construction and moved nicely.
2.  Thomas' Meritorous Perfect Illusion
Larger dog that could have a tighter front assembly and more level topline.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4,2)
1. Easton and Martin's Yakee Debutante
Superb quality puppy of great substance and good proportion, low to ground, correct construction and confident on the move.
2. Blakeway's Bellablake One and Only
Another high quality exhibit very similar in type to the winner but was a little tentative on the move. Could have been the winner on another day. Would love to take both home with me.
Puppy Bitch (4,3)
1. Patterson and Murray's Bratilda Maddison
Very nice exhibit, well balanced, compact with high tail set. Moved well.
2. Thomas'  Klerkshof Alexis at Meritorous
Nicely put together headpiece, good width of chest, short level back. Moved better than third place. Not quite tight at elbows.
Junior Bitch (2,1)
1. Klerk-Delucchi's Klerkshof The It Girl
Well coated silver silver fawn with beautiful expression, tight front,  short backed, high tail set. Moved well.
Yearling Bitch (3,3)
1. Heffernan's Mezrab Miracle Sunrise of Sherreldene
Small red bitch with dense substance, beautiful expression, short backed high tailset and picked up as one piece. She moved correctly with a smooth rolling gait. Could have contested the top prize but was not in best coat and condition on the day.
2. Easdon and Martin's Klerkshof Lulu at Yakee
Larger blonde in heavy coat. Well constructed fore and aft. Could be more compact.
Post Graduate Bitch (5,2)
1. Thomas' Meritorous I Love my Life
Glamorous fawn, well put together and moved beautifully. Would prefer a firmer underjaw.
2. Petrulyte's Vannjty Love Me Baby
Higher on leg than the winner. Could be more compact.
Limit bitch (4,3)
1. Morley and Box's Jidoran Kara
Well constructed bitch with beautiful movement. Would prefer a shallower headpiece.
2. Sakal's Swaggerboot High Society
Profusely coated fawn with good headpiece but with a heavier wrinkle than desired. Correctly constructed and moved well.
Open Bitch (5,4)
1. Easdon and Martin's Yakee Stood in Snow
Superb quality black with correct coat texture and a beautiful headpiece and expression, huge chest, short backed and all of one piece. She was confident on the move and defied me to deny her top honors. I could not.
Bitch Challenge Certificate, Reserve Best in Show and Best of Opposite Sex
2. Blakeway's  Goldpeke Tapestry of Life at Bellablake
Larger light red too excited on the day. Correctly built.
Champion Bitch (1,1)
1. Morley and Box's Ch. Jidoran Rula
Red bitch dripping in quality, rock solid body, huge chest, tight shoulders, moderate length of back, firm rear. Superb mover. Not in her best clothes. Pressed very hard for the Challenge.
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate
BreedersDog/Bitch (1,1)
1.  Dixon and Penman's Dragden Dark Wizard
Black dog of heavy substance. Would prefer a better front assembly and movement.
Veterans Dog/Bitch (3,2)
1. Tilsed's Mezrab Phonix of Merimee
Small, well built red bitch that picked up as one piece and moved well.
2. Wilson's Corges Golden Amy
Well constructed golden fawn bitch . Would prefer a shorter body.
Special Open Not Bred by Exhibitor Dog or Bitch (2,2)
1. Heffernab's Mezrab Miracle Sunrise at Sherreldene (see Yearling Bitch)
2.  Wikson's Corges Golden Amy (see Veteran Dog/Bitch)

Raymundo W. Lo, MD

Show: Sovereign Pekingese Association Open Show March 2018
Judge: Mrs S Lenton
BD Pekehuis Foxtrot. J Shaw & W Mee
RBD Meritorious Perfect Illusion, A Thomas
BB Jidoran Maggie. A Morely & A Box
RBB Meritotious Is It Desire, A Thomas
BOB/B.I.S Pekehuis Foxtrot. J Shaw &W Mee
BP Jidoran Maggie. A Morely & A Box